Awesome Family Fun Water Fight on The Fun Boat

We had an amazing water fight on this cruise!  We had awesome water fights all day long!  We offer water fights on every cruise for the kids, and adults that want to be kids again!  Check out our youtube channel to see all our water fights !

Epic Water Fight & Dolphin Cruise in Orange Beach Alabama

We had the most amazing water fight on this cruise!  The upper deck staff against the crazy passengers!  Captain Dean and Coach were victorious In this fun filled family crazy water fight !  We even had one kid bring his  own water gun!  That was a trip….   Ohhhhh.  The dolphin were amazing also….

Orange Beach Epic Water Fight on The Fun Boat Dolphin Cruise

Although the Water Fight was Epic and we had the most fun, the dolphins were AWESOME too!  A new momma dolphin allowed us to get close to see her new born baby dolphin.  He was so cute and fat, man was he FAT!  I never get tired of seeing baby dolphin!  Ya’ll come on and hang with us, let see if we can find babies together!

Amazing Awesome Water Fight

Part of the fun on The Fun Boat is the awesome water fight. We’ve had an amazing week on the water with families from all over the Country! It’s been a blast spending time with each family and teaching them about our amazing dolphin. As well as SHOOTING them in our water wars!  LOL  Come and experience family fun on The Fun Boat Dolphin Tours in Orange Beach AL !

Incredible Water Fight with All Ages !

We had an amazing time yesterday with all age groups represented; from a grandma close to 80 yrs old to college freshmen!  We had a great time laughing screaming at our dolphin friends that came so close to the boat!