Family Fun

Welcome to Dolphin Fun Dolphin Cruises. Come join us as we have FUN and search for Dolphin Fin. Our Dolphin Cruise is 2 hours in length and you must have reservations because we only allow 35 people on our dolphin cruise so that you have a more personal experience with the Dolphin and our staff.


THE FUN BOATS DOLPHIN CRUISES™ is all about FUN.  The one thing we are serious about is passenger safety.  That’s why are have lowered our passenger count dramatically and are taking all precausions set forth by the State of Alabama Health Dept.  

To build on that the staff of THE FUN BOATS will be taking extra steps by disinfecting our Dolphin Cruise Boats, before and after every cruise! Our passion is Dolphins and families having FUN safely! You can be confident that your family will be safe on our boats!




What Sets us Apart and Makes our Company Different!

2 Hour Dolphin Tour on Every Single Cruise!

Sea-Life Experience on Every Cruise!

Spring Break Water Battle


 Begins in March !

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The Fun Boat Water Wars

We Are THE FUN BOATS™?  We guarantee more FUN in 2 hours on the water, than you have ever had before! Dolphin are just the beginning of the FUN

Your FUN starts with an awesome dolphin hunt around the area to locate our beautiful dolphin. Dolphins are very social creatures traveling in families.  This means you will most likely see baby dolphin, daddy dolphin, mama dolphin and maybe even grandma and pawpaw dolphin having fun as a giant dolphin family.

Our friendly, awesome deckhands are happy to answer all the questions you have about dolphin and other marine life, consider this a challenge to ask questions no one has ever asked before and stump the Fun Boat crew.




Sea Life Experience



Once you have seen our amazing dolphin friends get ready because, it is time for THE FUN BOATS™ Water Wars between THE TWO FUN BOATS!  Kids of all ages enjoy battling it out with Super Soaker water guns during the dolphin cruise.  One Crazy Fun Boat against another Crazy Fun Boat.  Prepare yourselves for the wildest water battle ever!  Everyone, even adults, can get in on the action!  Run in the cabin if you want to stay dry but you are on the FUN BOAT after all.  Be a kid again and make memories for a lifetime….

To round out your exciting cruise, our deckhands carefully pull one of THE FUN BOATS™ Crab Traps onto the deck for a little more excitement.  You can touch, snap a photo, pet or even hold a live blue crab.  But be careful, the feisty blue crabs like to move around.  Some have ended up in grandma’s purse as a souvenir!

On our way back to the dock, your captain will continue to look for our beautiful dolphin friends, if we run across a family of dolphin, we’ll have to stop and say goodbye and see ya’ll next year!

What are you waiting for? Book your FUN today by contacting THE FUN BOATS™ Dolphin Cruises located at Orange Beach Marina, in Orange Beach, Alabama near Gulf Shores, Alabama.  Reservations are required.


The staff and crew of The Fun Boats™ Dolphin Cruises work hard to make sure your family makes memories. Many kids may never get the opportunity to hold, touch or learn about marine life like they do on The FUN BOATS™.  We work hard to ensure ever passenger has the time of their life.  Come join the Fun today!