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Orange Beach Dolphin Cruises


Captain Dean and the crew of THE FUN BOATS™ invite you to join us on our  ONE OF A KIND 2 HOUR FUN CRUISE where we focus on treating our guests like family. Your unique adventure begins as we travel through the pristine waters surrounding our beautiful island in search of the friendliest dolphin in the world. Our waters are a playground where the amazing dolphins like to hang out. Dolphins are very social and travel in families. This means you will most likely see baby dolphin, mama dolphin, and daddy dolphin having fun frolicking in the water beside the boats. The dolphins truly love to interact with our passengers and sometimes swim up to look at their human friends.



Once you have seen our amazing dolphins, get ready because it is time for THE FUN BOATS™  Epic Water Wars between THE TWO FUN BOATS™! Kids of all ages enjoy battling it out with Super Soaker water guns during our FUN cruise. One Crazy Fun Boat against another Crazy Fun Boat or passengers against the crew! Prepare yourselves for the wildest water battle ever! Everyone, even adults, can get in on the action! Run in the cabin if you want to stay dry but you are on THE FUN BOAT™ after all! Be a kid again and make some memories for a lifetime!


To round out your exciting cruise, join our deckhands on the back of the boats for our amazing SEA-LIFE EXPERIENCE that you will not find on any other dolphin cruise. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is something that is EXCLUSIVE to THE FUN BOATS™!  We take pride in showing off some of the remarkable sea creatures that call our waters home. This is an out of the ordinary encounter that many people will never get to see again. Everyone loves to hold aquatic life and learn interesting facts about the neat sea life from our waters around Orange Beach. Many kids never get the opportunity to hold, touch, and learn about marine life as they do on THE FUN BOATS™.

Vacations should be all about time with family and making unforgettable memories. THE FUN BOATS™ crew works hard to send our guests home with fond memories and a desire to come back and see us again! We love seeing families having FUN, laughing, and enjoying their time with us. What are you waiting for? YOUR ADVENTURE AWAITS!

Reservations are required.

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Welcome to The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruise. We look forward to having you! Reservations are required. Our boats are large enough to provide more comfort, less passengers and a personal experience for your family! We hope you will come see us soon!

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