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Hop Aboard The Fun Boat with Captain Dean!

Dolphins, water wars, sunsets, oh my! If you are looking for a fun adventure that the whole family is going to love, The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruise & Sea-life Experience is the place to go!

Captain Dean has been providing families with dolphin cruising fun for ten years now. As a local of Orange Beach, he knows all of the best spots on the water to watch for these playful creatures.

“We love entertaining people, we love seeing families.” said Dean when asked about the boat and the joyful atmosphere he’s created.

The Fun Boat takes off from the docks right next to the Fisher’s Restaurant – and from the looks (and smell) of it, it’s definitely a place you will want to add to your restaurant wish list while you are visiting the beach.

Immediately boarding the boat, you feel like you’re being welcomed in by family. Everyone is in high spirits, and Captain Dean will immediately get your boat laughing and excited about the dolphins you are about to see as you take off into the bay.

As you cruise out enjoying the sun and waves, the staff of The Fun Boat will share a wealth of knowledge about the dolphins that live and play in our waters here in Orange Beach. One of our favorite facts to share is that dolphins can see in color and actually recognize The Fun Boat’s vibrant red bottom! Their memorization and intelligence brings these friendly mammals to the boat each trip.

You will get to see packs of these beautiful dolphins jumping and playing in the waves, swimming behind the boat, and showing off for photos. After spotting dolphins, The Fun Boat will live up to its name in an epic water fight between the two boats. This just be your favorite part of the dolphin cruise!

When The Fun Boat first began our unique experience in Orange Beach, this super soaker fight was held between The Fun Boat team and the passengers, but when Captain Dean added a second boat to the dolphin cruise experience – the water war went to a whole new level of fun! The two boats back up to each other, and everyone goes crazy. It is truly an experience that brings out your inner child-like spirit.

If you’re someone who is just wanting to enjoy a nice, dry, peaceful boat ride, not to fear! The Fun Boat is still for you. During the water war, those not wishing to get quite as soaked can take shelter within the enclosed part of the boat and watch the fun.

As we cruise past sandbars, small islands, and other vacationers and locals alike enjoying their time on the water, the staff will share an up-close encounter with some of the critters that live in our waters. We have everything from snails to live fish – all sea life that you are allowed to hold!

The amount of fun and community built into a two-hour dolphin cruise is amazing. You will never forget the family fun that The Fun Boat provides, the dolphins jumping through the waves, and the joy from staff and passengers alike cruising around the beautiful waters of Orange Beach.

Book your FUN today & learn even more about why we love The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruises & Sea-life Experience so much by clicking HERE. Your next favorite activity in Orange Beach is awaiting you!

Original source: Liquid Life Vacation Rentals

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