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The Fun Boats™ Dolphin Cruises - Water Wars!

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What are these water wars you keep hearing about? Only the most exciting way to dolphin cruise on the Gulf Coast!


There is no better way to have a day of FUN on our beautiful, pristine Gulf Coast waters than with The Fun Boats™, Captain Dean & friends!


Once you’ve seen the dolphins on our The Fun Boats™ dolphin cruise, get ready for the thrill of a lifetime – The Fun Boats™ epic water wars. The only experience like it on the entire island, these water wars between the two FUN boats encourages kids of ALL ages (yes, that means you too, mom and dad!) to battle it out with super soaker water guns. Prepare for the wildest of water battles as one fun boat battles another!


When The Fun Boats™ first began our unique experience in Orange Beach, this super soaker fight was held between The Fun Boats™ team and the passengers, but when Captain Dean added a second boat to the dolphin cruise experience – the water war went to a whole new level of fun! The two boats back up to each other, and everyone goes crazy. It is truly an experience that brings out your inner child-like spirit.

If you’re someone who is just wanting to enjoy a nice, dry, peaceful boat ride, not to fear! The Fun Boats™ is still for you. During the water war, those not wishing to get quite as soaked can take shelter within the enclosed part of the boat and watch the fun.


Days full of fun in the sun on our white sand beaches may be why you visited us on the Gulf Coast, but The Fun Boats™ epic water wars are what will keep you coming back time and time again!


Your next adventure awaits on The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruises & Sea-life Experience.


Reservations are required.

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Welcome to The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruise. We look forward to having you! Reservations are required. Our boats are large enough to provide more comfort, less passengers and a personal experience for your family! We hope you will come see us soon!

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