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Family Fun on the Gulf Coast this Spring

How are you celebrating the start of Spring with your family? If you answered with “Visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast, of course!” then you are sure to have your best Spring yet!

When it comes to family fun, the Gulf Coast is a magical place of its own. Where else will you find sunny summers and mild winters, activities galore and the entire Gulf of Mexico at your feet?

Don’t bother looking anywhere else – Gulf Shores & Orange Beach are the only places for you and your family! After you’ve booked your perfect condo for the family, you’ll want to know the best things to do once you get here! There is so much to do on the Gulf besides visiting our white sand beaches. The shopping, dining, adventure, and the whole “beach experience” is just so much more than sun bathing.

Surrounded by land on 3 sides, the Gulf doesn’t have the plunging depths of the Atlantic or Pacific – making it the ideal spot for your family of little ones to splash in the surf or sit and build sandcastles. Recreation on the water is a blast as well! Watercraft rentals are everywhere you look, from powerboats and dolphin cruises to paddleboards and kayaks.

Our favorite? The Fun Boat Dolphin Cruises & Sea-life Experience, of course!

Looking for something a little wilder on the water than just a day at the beach? Get blown away with an incredible dolphin cruise experience equipped with an up-close sea-life encounter. You will enjoy stunning views while having awesome FUN – that’s what vacation is all about!   

Book your ride on The Fun Boat today!

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Welcome to The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruise. We look forward to having you! Reservations are required. Our boats are large enough to provide more comfort, less passengers and a personal experience for your family! We hope you will come see us soon!

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