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Orange Beach Sunset Dolphin Cruises


Majestic dolphins, lively sea creatures, and the craziest of water wars all while taking in our breathtaking Orange Beach sunsets? Sign us up!

Enjoy all the FUN of our daytime The Fun Boats™ cruise – but all while taking in our incredible Gulf Coast sunset. Captain Dean and friends make our coastal sunsets even more FUN with a 2-hour, one-of-a-kind sunset dolphin cruise unlike any other.


Just as with our daytime cruise, the first stop on our The Fun Boats™ sunset cruise is the dolphins! Home of the most friendly dolphins in the world, we begin our sunset cruise floating in the pristine waters surrounding our island looking to interact with our favorite saltwater animals while the summer sunsets in the background.


Dolphins are social – just like us! So, they love it when we come out to play. Our favorite part of the cruise is seeing families of dolphins having fun swimming in the waters alongside us in The Fun Boats™. The dolphins of the Alabama Gulf Coast truly love interacting with their human friends, so be on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind interaction as we make our way through the beautiful, emerald blue waters.


The sunset cruises offer the thrill of a lifetime for our guests just like our daytime cruise, so you know what that means – – The Fun Boats™ epic water wars! The only experience like it on the entire island, these water wars between the two FUN boats encourages kids of ALL ages to battle it out with super soaker water guns! You can run to the cabin inside for those of you who’d like to stay dry, but you are on The Fun Boats™ after all!


Lastly, The Fun Boats™ deckhands have quite a surprise for the entire family! Join them on the back of the boat for a unique sea-life experience you won’t find anywhere else on our slice of paradise. Exclusive to The Fun Boats™, we offer an encounter with the sea creatures that call our Gulf Coast waters home – offering your kids the opportunity to hold, touch, and learn about animals such as Blue Crab, Hermit Crab, and Gulf Shrimp.


Vacations on the Gulf Coast beaches should be all about spending time with family, making great memories, and soaking in a coastal sunset or two. So what are you waiting for? Your next adventure awaits on The Fun Boats™ Dolphin Cruises & Sea-life Experience!

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Welcome to The Fun Boats Dolphin Cruise. We look forward to having you! Reservations are required. Our boats are large enough to provide more comfort, less passengers and a personal experience for your family! We hope you will come see us soon!

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